Asic Jungle opens ‚first marketplace for second-hand Bitcoin mining hardware

Asic Jungle wants to use their marketplace to make trading in bitcoin mining hardware easier and cheaper. The company launches a beta to test their platform.

Director Artem Bespaloff sees an important role for the new platform. Trading second-hand hardware is not always easy. Things can go wrong for both the buyer and the seller.

A platform specifically built to facilitate this Bitcoin Up trade can offer a solution.

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Mining hardware
Bespaloff tells Cointelegraph that Asic Jungle is the first ‚mining hardware marketplace‘. Users don’t have to deal with intermediaries, the possible deals are only between buyer and seller.

According to Bespaloff, there is sometimes a strange atmosphere surrounding the sale of second-hand mining hardware. Trading takes place with intermediaries or via Telegram channels, for example.

Asic Jungle hopes that it can partly solve the problems in the current market. For example, there are companies that take high profit margins because there are no large public trading places.

Bespaloff thinks that bidding and communication between buyer and seller can lead to better prices. For the customers then, of course, companies that are now taking good profits on this trade will not switch quickly.
In short, it is a platform a la eBay, but specifically for this market. This may be of interest to hobbyists who want to buy cheap hardware or fervent traders and miners who do not want to take all kinds of other things into account.

Asic Jungle is based in Canada, but hopes to welcome customers from all over the world. According to Bespaloff, there is a large market for second-hand mining hardware.

People who, for example, have very cheap or even free electricity at their disposal can earn money with obsolete hardware.